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What is CMi?

The Cornell Marketing Immersion program was founded to offer educational opportunities for underclassmen from all majors and levels of experience, to expose them to the business world of marketing. New recruits will undergo a semester-long educational series including:

  • A 6-week marketing education, ranging from basics to complex topics

  • Career development series, such as networking and resume building

  • A capstone project and presentation

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Following the completion of the series, CMi members may submit an application to join the Cornell Marketing Consulting (CMC). 

CMi and CMC

While both groups (CMi and CMC) are a part of Cornell Marketing, only CMC members consult with corporate clients.


All CMC members undergo the education series of CMi, and upon completing the CMC application process, can be eligible to become client-facing members. While being a part of CMi does not guarantee admittance into CMC, it is required in order to apply.

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Join us at our Information Sessions via Zoom down below
Applications due February 10 11:59pm

Have questions about CMI? Contact us at

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